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  • What is the difference between The Collectibles Club and Mirai Collectibles ?
    The Collectibles Club is all official licensed product from a wide range of figurines to statue! Mirai Collectibles is mainly original creation (un-licensed) garage kits from various studios in China.
  • Did The Collectibles Club produce all these statues?
    We DO NOT own any studio or involve in any production. We are purely agent to all the studios, licensed and unlicensed.
  • Does The Collectibles Club have a physical store or just a web store?
    Currently we are mainly on web and mostly pre order products. Due to storage constraints, we are unable to stock as many as we can that's why we have limited ready stock.
  • Where is the product from? Are they all genuine?
    Most of the statue and garage kits are shipped out from China Warehouse. Figurine and Nendoroid are from local distributor in Malaysia. We ONLY sell genuine statue and garage kits on our site. You will not found any bootleg or recast figure or statue on our site!
  • Are all items limited edition? Will they rerun or reproduce?
    Yes, all items are LIMITED. Most of the products will NOT reproduce in order to keep the value. So we strongly recommend collectors to preorder when is available, to avoid buying ready stock at a higher price at the end.
  • How long usually the preorder holds?
    Pre Orders are usually up for a week time, or even to a month based on the products and studio/manufacturer. Hot Selling and Worldwide Limited items may have closed within a day so is best to reserve with us if you see something that is in your favor.
    Estimate release date may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be sure that you are willing to wait for the necessary time for the item to be released. NO REFUND will be allowed in the case where delays on the production because all statues are mans made and sometimes is need longer time to complete. You will only be granted for full refund if by any chance the studio has cancellation on the product or we can’t fulfill your order. Please note that resins are very fragile and there might be small scratches or little flaws on paint when it arrives. As all statues are mans made so we cannot guarantee any product perfection in this case and we would not do any to compensate for any of these faults. We would recommend you not to buy it if you cannot accept this. Final product may vary from the prototype images.
  • Currency on website
    For International buyers, kindly follow the USD currency on the product when checkout. For Malaysia buyers, kindly follow the MYR currency on the product when checkout.
  • Payment Method
    For Malaysia buyers, we prefer Direct Bank Transfer. For International buyers, we acceptsPaypal and Stripe.
  • Local Payment Details
    1016 2801 6842 MAYBANK Chew Fong Nian Please send us a copy of the receipt to for verification purpose.
  • Payment Plan
    1. HOW TO BUY? For International Buyers, you just have to purchase on website where it shows in the option. e.g. 5 month payment plan For Malaysian Buyers, you just have to follow the price stated on website and check out using "Offline Payment Method". Remember to state your Order Numbers in the bank reference when bank in. 2. HOW DO I PAY NEXT PAYMENT? For International Buyers, we will issue a recurring invoice on the next month 15th and once you paid off the invoice, it will automatically deduct the fees for the rest of the month. For Malaysian Buyers, we will notify next payment invoice to your email on every 15th of the month. 3. WHAT IF I CAN'T MANAGE TO PAY ON TIME? You may contact us if you need further extend payment date.
  • Can I cancel my pre-order items?
    You may cancel your pre-orders, but bear in mind deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE basis. Full Payment pre-order will be refunded after deduct deposit penalty. Why is deposit in non-refundables basis? Most of the statues are produced in limited quantity and deposit is to secure your slot and for studio to proceed the production.
  • How can I know my pre-order items status?
    You can follow us on facebook for latest updates, or always contact us for any product updates.
  • How do I know when to pay for the balance?
    We will notify you via email or facebook when the item is ready to ship or you may always ask us for product progress.
  • Why the item does not release in the estimated date?
    Studio may often face difficulties during production and they might need to take more time to resolve it. Estimated Release Date is only a reference and exact release date may sometimes earlier or postponed depends on the circumstances. Q1 - January to March Q2 - April to June Q3 - July to September Q4 - October to December
  • I am Malaysian and how do I pre-order item on website?
    You may still preorder as normal but kindly please checkout using Offline Payment. Currency may refer MYR on the product page. Kindly please follow the link here for more information. How to Preorder
  • I saw item production has completed! When will i receive balance invoice?
    Normally we will only issue balance or shipping invoice once we received the item in warehouse. It usually takes around 7-15days for studio to dispatch the item.
  • How long do I have to pay the balance and shipping invoice?
    We have given a 14days for you to paid off the invoice and if you need more time, kindly please contact us to avoid any cancellation.
  • Is the shipping cost free?
    Shipping cost is NOT FREE and can be calculated when the product is ready to ship. You may see the shipping cost is free during preorder checkout is because we can't know the shipping cost while the item is still in production. We will always issue a separate shipping invoice when the product is ready to ship.
  • How do I know the shipping cost ?
    As pre-order products are still being manufacture, we are unable to get the exact product size and quote you an estimate shipping cost. You may contact us anytime to get an estimated shipping cost or check out page below Shipping & Returns We can only provide exact shipping cost for Ready Stock Item
  • For Malaysian Buyers
    For Malaysian buyers can choose either meet up in KL Area or Delivery to home.
  • For International Buyers
    International shipping charges is depends on product size and country of destination. We will issue you an invoice in default shipping option based on the product. Customer may always request us for alternative option quotation. DO NOT pay the shipping invoice if the shipping address is wrong. Contact us through website or email to amend the shipping address. We will NOT be responsible for any custom clearance fees, import duties or taxes that would occur during the custom clearance. Kindly contact your local customs office for more information. (Normally fro Europe Country Customer)
  • How long will my item arrived?
    It depends on what option did you chose and normally it will reached to you in 3-40days. You may reference Shipping&Returns for more info. Shipment will often delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and the only thing you can do is wait. We could not control the process of shipment nor the transit but we may help you check on your package status if you wish.
  • I still haven't received my item after so long. What can I do?
    A package shouldn't take longer than 5months to arrived. If you haven't received your item after 5 months, you may contact us for a full refund.
  • What should I do if I've received broken parts?
    We may suggest you to try to fix it if the problem can be solve by yourself (Normally small broken parts can be glue back). Or else, you may contact us. You need to contact us as soon as possible after you received your product. We will try our best to assist you or even help you get a replace parts from the studio if possible. * Please note that buyers might need to bear the shipment costs (back to factory) Alternatively, buyers may find your own local repair service and we might able to help you negotiate with the representative studio for some compensation!
  • Please take note that...
    All items are well packed before they dispatch from the studio. But do note that resins are fragile and there are chances of breaking during transit. Please be note that we will try our best to help you get replacement parts from the studio for any major damages on statues. But in case that is need to be send back to the factory and fix, buyer has to bear the shipping cost from your origin country to China. NO COMPENSATION will be given by us as we have ensure statues are well packed before dispatch. Hence, we will NOT liable to any of the defect or breakage issue.
  • Is Ready Stock Shipping Included?
    No. Shipping Fee is NOT INCLUDED. We will issue you a shipping invoice within a few days after your purchased. You may also request the exact shipping cost before you make any purchase.
  • What if I want to cancel a Ready Stock order?
    We may cancel your order but a 10% service fee will be charged from your full payment. Please think twice before your purchase to avoid any unnecessarily loses.
  • Ready Stock is brand new or back in box?
    Most of the ready stock is in brand new status unless stated otherwise. You may also contact us for more information.
  • There are more than 100 studios out there!
    It's true! Unlicensed Studio get more and more if the previous studio they own went south. Create a new studio does not cost them a penny so beware when you want to preorder a item from a new studio. Of course, we will try our best to filter out the risk but who knows, bad things happen all the time.
  • We as an agent do not own the studio!
    Why my item is not release yet? Why there is no more replacement for me? Why the quality isn't the same as the prototype shown? Well that's good questions and we may help to deliver it to the studio. Its definitely up to studio to make their moves. I believe studio often get feedback from different sources, agents or customers (Often China Collectors) What can we do as an agent if studio don't care about the customers who loved their products? I guess we all know what studio to avoid next time you want a product. *Don't forget they can shut down and reopen a new studio anytime.
  • We as an agent do not own the logistics company!
    Why is my item not arrived yet? Why is it taking so long? Good question as it may probably still in transit. And the transit time is not the things we can control. Most of the time given is a reference only as the transit time normally changed depends on the circumstances. So be fair that blame us is not the right thing to do, I will suggest patience. Patience is the captain!
  • Threat with paypal claim!
    Best Move. Some customers just like to threaten us with a paypal claim. They are like bad studios that we all need to avoid. If you like to file paypal claim, then maybe we are the bad agent you would like to avoid.
  • Unlicensed Studio Run Away!
    Now you know! We agent is taking all the risk for you and you will be all good if studio runs away. This may be a fraud but what can we do if they ran away. Happens all the time and report to a police doesn't work really well. Be nice to your agent. Satan is always the studio.
  • Are you legit?
    We wouldn't want to answer that ourselves. But if you ask, we will definitely say yes. All the time. Even we are selling those fxxking recast.
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