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You want to buy but website is in USD Currency? 
Want to direct bank transfer but not sure how?
Product Description is showing 2 currency and not sure what to do?

Fret Not! Keep scrolling and find your answers!! 

Step 1. 

Look for a product that you are interested, and check the amount as picture below. 
Look at MYR Currency

Step 2. 

Choose Offline Payment and bank transfer either deposit, full payment or payment plan amount to the account stated below!

You may send the receipt to our facebook chat (The Collectibles Club or Mirai Collectibles) , Online Chat or Email for verification purpose. 

Of course you may also pay through Credit/Debit Card but that will be charging in
USD Currency and that is a bit more expensive than the MYR price

Step 3. 

And congratss! You have just purchased an order with us! It's just simple as that! 

Ready Stock mostly in China warehouse and it will take 3 to 4 weeks to ship that back to Malaysia warehouse. 

Preorder Item will be notified once the item has reached to Malaysia warehouse.

Once item has reached Malaysia warehouse, we will start collecting balance and shipping fee before delivery. We will contact you through facebook chat, email or whatsapp. 

Exact shipping fee will be calculated before delivery but you may also check with us for an estimated shipping cost.

Kindly check on the product as soon as you get it and let us know if you received any defect or broken piece. We will contact studio for after sales service.  Studio may refuse to provide service if you found the defect months later you received. 

Do note that all deposit is non-refundable basis. Cancellation may cause you lose of deposit. Think twice before you placed an order. 

THAT'S IT!  Do contact us if you have further questions that we did not covered! Cheers! ;)
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