【EIN STUDIO】The Pale Witch

【EIN STUDIO】The Pale Witch

Metempsychosis Series 02 


-- Set of 3 -- 

Price : MYR 4520 / USD 1193 

Deposit : MYR 2000 / USD 534


-- The Pale Witch ONLY -- 

Price : MYR 1999 / USD 528 

Deposit : MYR 700 / USD 187 


-- MX369 Long Hair Follower -- 

Price : MYR 1420 / USD 375 

Deposit : MYR 700 / USD 187 


-- MX117 Short Hair Follower -- 

Price : MYR 1550 / USD 409

Deposit : MYR 700 / USD 187


Estimated Release Date : Q4 2020

PO starts : 22 FEBRUARY 2020

PO ends : 29 FEBRUARY 2020 (while stock lasts)

  • Description

    • Each of the figure comes with 1 extra interchangable body chest parts
    • MX117 got 1 extra interchangeable head sculpt





    SET OF THREE - 199pcs Worldwide

    SOLO - Each 200pcs Worldwide


    Set of three - H69cm W75cm D63cm

    The Pale witch - H50cm W32cm D33cm

    MX369 - H24cm W25cm D22cm

    MX117 - H25cm W17cm D21cm


    Set of three - Est 35kg

    The Pale Witch - Est 15kg

    MX369 - Est 10kg

    MX117 - Est 10kg

    * Final product may vary from prototype images.

  • Shipping

    Kindly please note that shipping fee is NOT included. Exact shipping fee can only be confirmed after final product is released. Hence, you may still contact us for estimate shipping fee to your country.


    Our Default Shipping Method (Custom and Tax Free)

    • EMS (Air Freight) 
    • Safer and Faster ( ETA 7-15days )
    • Expensive


    Alternative Shipping Method (Custom and Tax Free)

    • China Post SAL (Ocean Freight)
    • Slower ( ETA 6-8weeks )
    • Cheaper


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  • Return Policy

    • Kindly please note that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  
    • Mirai reserved the right to refund your deposit if the item is out of stock!
  • Note

    • Paypal fees is INCLUDED
  • What is wishlist deposit?

    • Wishlist Deposit only available after PREORDER closed.
    • You may still order this item through wishlist deposit and we will keep an eye on the product stock! We will notify you as soon as possible if there is any updates on the product through email!
    • Price subject to change after PO closed. (Ready Stock price based on market demand)
    • Wishlist Deposit will FULLY REFUND to you if the item is out of stock or the new price is over your budget!
  • Payment Plan

    Monthly Payment Plan is available :-

    • 7 Month


    • You may purchase a payment plan you wish on the option above and we will notify you for the next payment through email.
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